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4 Apps You Can Use For Fat Loss

How can we use apps for fat loss?

One great thing about apps is they bring great awareness to our daily doings, we may walk less than we thought or eat more than we realise.

Sometimes it’s a case of both.

Having the facts in front of you is a great way of being more mindful of these things and if you are truly on the way to your goal or set up for failure.

When dropping body fat and toning up, winging it makes difficult to know if you're making progress.

Simply eating less and moving more can of course work, but if you're not progressing then it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where you might be undoing your hard work, not to mention incredibly frustrating!

So here listed 4 apps I use to ensure all of my boxes are ticked when stripping body fat.

Sleep Tracker:

This helps me keep tabs on what my average sleep is over a week or month. I aim for five 90 minute cycles of sleep, meaning 7.5 hours of sleep a night.

For me, this is ideal, if i’m not on track I can see from the app where I'm losing sleep, whether it's not falling asleep fast enough or waking throughout the night, I can then take measures to prevent it.

Step Counter:

The low hanging fruit when it comes to fat loss, get enough steps a day and you might not need to do cardio!

A bonus to using a step counter is it becomes a daily challenge, trying to hit certain numbers or beating a friend for the highest average!

Blue Light Filter:

When it's dark, our brain secretes melatonin (sleepy hormone) which helps us feel ready to hit the hay.

Unfortunately, blue light stops this from being produced, our phones are the biggest culprit here.

Setting the blue light filter to come on at the same time every evening, will give us a better chance of a good nights sleep, it automatically serves as a signal to wind down for bed making it a must have.


Want to lose weight while eating your favorite foods?

Make it fit into your daily calorie intake by entering it into Myfitnesspal.

It’s a great way to ensure you're staying within your calorie goal while being flexible with your foods and drinks!

You'll be in for a shock with some treats here, Ben and Jerry's will make your jaw drop with it's calorie content!

By using this tool even for a short time, it will bring so much more awareness to your eating habits.

Click here if you want to know how to Lose fat and keep it off?


The coaching software I use for online clients, it has a large library of exercises and demonstration videos on offer.

With workouts getting emailed to me automatically it’s easier to know exactly what to do. I am entering the gym with a plan so I’m not wasting time.

It doubles up as a training log book, which is essential for tracking your workout progress!

You can check out the features here at Truecoach

Want to know more? Just shoot me a message here or by DM on Instagram!

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