Getting started in the gym – do this when starting out.

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Getting started in the gym

Getting started in the gym


Getting started in the gym, here are my top three tips to focus on.

Sound familiar, exercising and eating good but getting nowhere!

We don’t see results, we become frustrated and most likely pack it in as we don't know where we're going wrong.

It's important to ensure we have a quantifiable way of seeing the improvements we make, so I’m going to go through 3 vital things to focus on.

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Progressive Overload

In order to get a toned body and strengthen ourselves, me must force the body to adapt to a tension that is more than previously experienced.

For example, if you can squat 20 kg for 4 sets of 12 reps easily, your body has adapted to that demand.

Therefore it’s time to increase the imposed demands to get a response.

Example : Add 5 kg and work towards completing 4 sets of 12, giving your body a further stimulus until it has adapted enough to these new demands, making you stronger and more toned.

When you achieve this, it's time to add more weight!


Rest and Recovery

It’s during rest and sleep that our bodies adapt to the training stress we put on it.

Give it the food it needs to fuel your life and sleep it needs to heal and make the adaptations that are coming.

You don't need to hit the gym 7 days a week, recovery is just as important as the training.

listen to your body, a good tailored training programme will have this factored into it. 



I put a massive emphasis on training technique, proper form and moving in the full range of motion during exercise.

Especially when getting started to ensure you're targeting the intended area while also avoiding chances of injury.

If you can't maintain proper form throughout an exercise, use a lighter weight and repeat until you're nailing it.

Don’t be afraid to ask members of staff in the gym for assistance.

I always encourage online clients to send over training videos of certain exercises they need tweaks on!

Here is a great video on a beginners guide to strength training

If you're getting started in the gym and have questions, just message me on instagram @_savage_fitness 

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