12 Week 1-1 Private Online Transformation

“Anyone who gets the chance to work with Cathal should jump at the chance. Not many coaches invest as much time and attention to detail as Cathal does. He cares and wants you to win!’ – Phil Graham..”

Want amazing guaranteed results without the cost of in person training?

Have you decided you are finished with starting new diets and not seeing results?

Welcome to my online transformation programme, this allows me to deliver your transformation from any corner of the globe at a margin of the cost of in person training.

Total beginner with no idea how to start?

  • Tired all the time?
  • No energy for exercise?
  • Sleeping poorly?
  • Not happy with how you look?

With my programming and nutritional knowledge we’ll create a plan that will have you :

Full of natural energy and excited for life – no more caffeine crashes or mid day slumps!

  • Excited for exercise – knowing each completed session brings you closer to that toned body and feeling better in your clothes every day!
  • Sleeping solidly every night with proven sleep routines to have you fully rested!
  • The body you deserve, or your money back, that’s my promise to you!

I’m here to help you every step of the way, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your transformation and most importantly, how to keep it!

We will work together to find a way of eating that not only brings to you to your goal, but will become ‘how you eat’ rather than a set meal plan with boring and plain food that just isn’t realistic or sustainable.

Eat food you can enjoy, I won’t have you eating the same chicken and rice meal every day for weeks!

Learning more about your food means you can always make the best choices, knowing how to fit in that night out with your friends and still keep the body you are proud of.

Even if you’ve been going to the gym for a while but feel you’re not getting the change with all the work you’re putting in, feeling you’re not as tight or toned as you should be, I can help you too.


Will it take a lot of time?

The time it will take each week will depend on the level of commitment you are willing to put into it.

I recommend 3-4 hours a week of training/exercise and 1-2 hours a week of meal preparations and planning for the week ahead.

Will it fit my schedule and time zone?

100%! Everything is tailored to the individual and will be discussed in detail on our coaching call to maximise your time during this transformation.


Will I get results?

Yes, if you complete the daily responsibilities and adhere to the plan we both agree on, then you  absolutely will achieve your result.

I must warn you before you read any further, that I expect a lot from my 1-1 clients but I expect even more from my online clients.

My focus on you will be very high and I expect you to put the same effort into this as I do and be fully committed to the process.

What’s involved?

I do the Math and workout your daily needs for calories and protein and give you targets to hit that are entirely independent to you and your goal!

Savage Fitness daily responsibility tracker – your list of daily targets for you to hit every day, if these are met over the 12 weeks, you get your result, this is important for knowing where we are strong and where we need to focus on!

Fully branded custom recipe books

Over 30+ recipes in each of my books for you to use and experiment with, all including calories and protein amounts along with Myfitnesspal codes for scanning to take all the guessing out of what you eat along with commercial eating guide for popular restaurants

Personal check in twice per week

Every Sunday we look at the week ahead to overcome possible obstacles and we review the past week including an assessment of the daily requirements along with check in pics/measurements etc and we have a quickfire check in on Wednesdays to keep on top of everything and make sure everything is running smooth as can be.


Workout Programme Individual to you and your goal!

-Your workouts are emailed every training day using Truecoach training software, very easy to use and everything in one place!

– Detailed explanations and cues, along with demonstration videos so you can watch anything you are unsure of.

– You can log every workout in the app so you can pick up where you left off, giving you a visual representation of how you are progressing every session!

(I can see how you are progressing from what you enter in, so don’t forget to log every session)

  • Exceptional results at a fraction of the cost of personal training
  • Develop a bullet proof relationship with food forever
  • Training/Exercise programmed and tailored specifically to you
  • Daily responsibilities – simple tasks that bring you closer to your goal every single day
  • Can be done anywhere in the world, to suit any schedule
  • No gym or membership required – can be done from the comfort of your own home if preferred!



Between 10-11 euro a day to achieve the shape you want and how to keep it forever!

“Single Payment”

Instant Delivery:

  • No further payments after today
  • Lifetime access to Cathal and all coaching materials
  • Money-back guarantee, lose fat, not money!
  • Coaching materials delivered instantly!

1 payment today: € 900 (save €90)

“Payment Plan”

Instant Delivery: 

  • 3 payments in total, 31 days apart each from sign up date 
  • Lifetime access to training
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Coaching materials delivered instantly

3 payments of : €330

Ready to make the best decision of your life?

Book your call below and talk with me directly!



“I completed the online programme with Cathal when it was a 6 week plan while living in Canada. The programme changed my mindset and attitude towards the diet culture. Not only did I loose 18 pounds, I also gained a wealth of knowledge from Cathal. I have kept this weight off and lost even more thanks to the information that I have learned. Having weekly check in’s with Cathal was extra motivation to do well. Cathal not only cares about the physical aspect of the online programme but the mental and emotional well-being of his clients also. I always battled with weight and did not know where to begin with resistance training but Cathal taught me all the principles required for both. He makes things simple to understand hence why results happen. I would highly recommend Cathal to anyone wanting to make a difference to their lifestyle.”

Fiona B.

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