12 Week At Home Training Programme

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With the gyms closed, you might be struggling to get an effective workout in as without structure, it can feel like a waste of time!

Sure there are plenty of random workouts we can use from social media, but how do we progress?How do we get better and closer to our goal?


Prehaps the gym isn’t you for you.

Maybe its down to

  • Social anxiety
  • Lack of confidence
  • Unsure of what to do
  • Maybe you just don’t like other people

Whatever the reason, I got you covered!


My 12 week at home training programme remove the discomfort of gym intimidation by training in the comfort of your own home and familiar surroundings!

Whats included :

  • The Programme consists of a 12 week program.
  • 3 different workout programs, in 4 week blocks, each including warm ups AND conditioning.
  • Each of the 33 exercises featured come with images, execution instructions and what muscles are targeted
  • Instant Download to you phone for quick access anywhere in the world

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