Fluent In Fitness


Ever wonder about how to successfully start your fat loss journey?

What do I need to do? What is the best way to get that tight tummy and toned legs?

Maybe you

  1. Lack confidence in social settings ad the gym
  2. Don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and how the mirror looks back at you
  3. Avoid events and gatherings as clothes don’t fit right
  4. Tired all the time with no routine


This book outlines everything you will need to know to start you on your fitness journey, give you the tools to take control of your eating habits, create a daily structure to your day and have the confidence on the gym floor to know what you’re doing


Do you want to :

  • Look good naked?
  • Drop a dress size or more?
  • Have a structured routine?

This book covers the lot!

Whats included?

  • Shows you how to calculate exactly how many calories you need to bring you to your goal.
  • Fat burning and lean muscle building workouts designed for those who want to get leaner and develop toned looking bodies. 
  • My own branded recipe books, packed with delicious, tasty, nutrient dense and calorie controlled meals, you won’t even know you are dieting!
  • My secret daily responsibility guide that I keep exclusive for my 1-1 clients is now included for FREE!


Not only do you get everything above, I also offer a FULL refund to you if you don’t see results after sticking to everything I lay out to you in this book!

You won’t lose money, you’ll only lose weight!

Once purchased, you will be emailed a unique code which you can use to download the e book directly on our site!



"I first started with Cathal January 2019.. By May I had learnt how to lift weights properly and safely, how to manage my calories while still enjoying and having a life and lost 8kg along the way! Cathal is smart, friendly and I always looked forward to my PTs with him! Couldn't reccomend him more"

Hanna O'Driscoll - Ireland

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