Savage Fitness Transformation Meals


Becoming a leaner you has never tasted so good!

The biggest key factor that determines the quality of result you will get, is how sustainable and enjoyable the food is.

It is incredibly important that each meal is anticipated with excitement to get the mouth watering, gone are the days of boring, bland and restricted diet plans, with this recipe book, you’ll wonder if you are even on a ‘diet’ at all.


  • Calories and Macros provided
  • MyFitnessPal bar codes to easily scan
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts





"Just want to say Cathal how excellent the recipe book is, I've cooked three things from it since yesterday and they are some of the nicest thing i've had in a long time and have filled me up for ages, I can see how easy it'll be to stick to it and not go off track either in comparison to other diet plans I've been given, delighted with it, thank you so much!!"

Georgie M.

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