Sleep for fat loss – Can sleeping work for fat loss?

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Why I love to sleep for fat loss!

After a bad night of sleep, we are tired, irritable, massively lacking in motivation and regret not going to bed earlier.


Is lack of Sleep hindering your goal of fat loss!

After a bad nights kip, we crave sugar/carbs, you'll never get up after a bad night and fancy a cold salad.

Our willpower is reduced as we are tired, it’s increasingly likely we'll break our good eating habits.

We can’t store it in the same way we can store body fat and studies show that we can’t make up for lost sleep either.


Exercise and productivity compromised.

The gym is always the first thing to get dropped when we are running on little rest.

My workouts are compromised if I attempt one.

The best most productive you, is one with a solid nights rest, make it a priority and everything else will be that bit easier!



Whats shocking is the research concludes anything less than 7 hours of sleep is sleep deprivation!

Over time that can have serious consequences, but in this blog I’m focusing on the fat loss side.

Team No Sleep!

Some people can function easily on a lot less than the average person, I envy them!

Don’t get fooled by the ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ or ‘Team No Sleep’ gang.

It's counter-productive, being around someone who has had very little kip is like treading on eggshells as they can be cranky, I train people at 6am (I know)

How do we fix it?

Set up a solid night time routine to bring you closer to your goal!

  1. Dim lights at the same time every evening. The body recognises this the same way it recognises the sun going down and begins sleep preparation!
  2. Install a blue light filter I mentioned in my 4 apps for fat loss article really helps getting you nodding off easier. Blue light is what emits from phones and laptops, blocking secretion of the sleepy hormone, melatonin, without this it's difficult to fall sleep.
  3. Lower water intake in the evening so you don't wake for the bathroom.
  4. Caffeine has a half life of 5-6 hours so ban it from 3pm. (diet drinks contain caffeine, don't drink near bedtime.)

I found extra awesome tips at Womens Health Magazine

Make it a priority each night and enjoy how good it feels being fresh and productive.


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